Who We Are

Hi, I’m Markus, a high school student from New York City. I have always been interested in all things medieval. Who doesn’t like learning about castles and armor? I live right near the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and for years I have been captivated by the coats of arms on shields (escutcheons), used by knights beginning in the 12th Century. So, I did a little research into what the coat of arms were once used for as well as the significance behind their symbols.

During the pandemic, I decided to merge my heraldry fascination with my interest in making art to raise money for causes I feel strongly about. The pandemic has hit the homeless population in New York City particularly hard, so half of all proceeds from this site will go to The Coalition for the Homeless. The other half will go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research in honor of my grandfather Sandy. You can learn about these organizations by clicking on the “Causes We Support” tab.

Prior to the pandemic, my family and I often went to a large screen-printing studio in Brooklyn to design and print our own T-shirts. Now, production is done at our kitchen table, which is not as elaborate but just as much fun. Enjoy browsing the site, and please email me if you have any questions or comments!